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The unique artworld in the world

Yakanhikou is A.YAMI’s first PFP NFT collection, and N3’s first artist collection that is going to be produced.
Every piece has its own world view ​一 the story and artwork is extremely unique and never seen anywhere else.
Let’s take a night adventure ​together!

Edition prints

Yakanhikou holders will have the opportunity to own the first signed print by A.YAMI.
She will make the print carefully and sign on each of them.
Let's help A.YAMI further accelerate her future global expansion as an artist!
The signed prints will be shipped worldwide.


Yakanhikou will be the first collection evolving our art core.
There will be many more collections that will follow after Yakanhikou. Yakanhikou holders will have the opportunity to win numerous AL for collections produced by N3. ​
Let’s continue to support numerous artists and their futures together!

You can get points every month just by holding.

All N3 related collections will be counted towards the N3 points system.
All Yakanhikou holders will be given monthly points.
Prizes that can be bought with points include original goods, customized NFTs, and exclusive goodies!
Events will change monthly, so we hope you will enjoy the changes!

Utility for Ultiple holding

We were planning to launch a YAKANHIKOU second collection sometime during this year, but
we have decided to officially announce YAMII YAKANHIKOU VER. COLLECTION around the end of Feb - beginning of March. This will be a 3D collection by A.YAMI. Specially, the 3D YAKANHIKOU version of her collection YAMII!


The total supply will be 150 on the ETH blockchain, and will be based on the same 4 friends in YAKANHIKOU! It's already in production and we've already seen the sample, but they're
absolute fire and we can't wait to show them!

Top 100 YAKANHIKOU holders will be eligible for a free mint. The snapshot date will be announced on the day of reveal!

One of the the primary reasons for your YAKANHIKOU is for more people to see AYAMI's work, so we are fundamentally going to stick with
1 mint per person. We assume the people that are going on the top 100 are going to hold multiple!

Furthermore, the other 25 will be reserved for people that are not right in the top 100, so you will still have a chance to win!

We hope you guys are thrilled about this announcement as much as we are. Please look forward to the YAMII VER YAKANHIKOU COLLECTION「YAMIl+」!!
We will definitely be releasing more information on additional utilities!

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